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Site management
Technical analysis of site

Texts analysis and site usability
Site web-analysis

We offer an easy managing system   that allows to make changes on the site by your own forces. But often the situation arises, when customer has a lack of time to refresh the site every day. But what if your site requires everyday refreshment? You can engage a new worker to deal with the site. But as practice shows, in most cases the budget for site refreshment and maintenance is much less when using our resources, then a salary of additional worker.

Efficiency and quality

We do a variety of works – from news addition to the creation of new online sections. It is rather difficult for one man to do everything by himself – designing, text composition and diagrams, graphical content creation. During site maintenance we involve specialists of various spheres, divide complex tasks between them to fulfill the work quickly and qualitatively. At the same time we guarantee fast responses to your requests that allow to insert changes in the site.

Bundled service on site maintenance includes:

  • Content
  • Adding and changing of catalogue products
  • Work with images
  • Adding and changing of news and events
  • Adding of sections
  • Site backup copies creation
  • Inbox monitoring (if needed)
  • Site disinfecting
  • Constant tracking of site efficiency
  • Traffic ranking analysis
  • Advertising campaigns, efficiency analysis and conversions
  • Activity reports and recommendations
  • Professional advices
  • Additional services are possible if mutually agreed by the parties


Site audit 

Site traffic ranking is one of the key indexes of its efficiency. But just to attract a visitor to the site is not enough. The main thing is to keep him there and stimulate for carrying out the required actions. But it hardly happens if your site is “unfriendly to users”.
As a rule such sites have unpresentable design, misbegotten navigation, un-thematic content, etc. All these disadvantages result in the lack of clients, even if the products of the company are qualitative and exceed significantly the competitors’ analogues.
Complex web-audit helps to find the reason. It includes:

Site technical analysis
Research work for finding of the site weaknesses, and the problems preventing its effective work. Testing of web pages loading speed and search of site errors that can affect negatively the site operation and efficiency of search promotion. After web-audit has been carried out the documentation with the results of search and technical analysis is provided.

Texts analysis and sites usability
Site content is checked for uniqueness, texts correspondence (pages relevancy) to the key phrases, navigation simplicity analysis and design impression.
The service is aimed at the search of site interface problems, their solving will allow to increase the visitors conversion, stimulate the sales growth, reduce the load of site administrators and managers work.

Site web-analytics
Research of the business exposure in the Internet and demand for customer’s product/service. The analysis of competition level in the segment and competitive companies activity. Adjustment of web-analysis systems, identification of objectives and received data processing. The task of the research is qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the site traffic, search of the most effective traffic sources, analysis and correction of bottlenecks of the site.