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Search Engine Optimization

Site propelling to the TOP
Site optimization
Integrated promotion
Contextual advertising
Promotion in social networks


Site promotion

Promotion is easy with us
Your company has a site, but it is not effective, the quantity of visitors is very small, orders are not stable…
Maybe your site is just hard to find and we can remedy the situation! Maximal use of the site as an instrument for sales, marketing and analytics, combined with the group of actions for SEO optimization and site promotion to the first pages of search engines – that is the guarantee of your investments recovery.

What we’ll do

Carry out technical audit that allows to define weaknesses, which block correct index linking of the site by search engine systems, decrease usability and, as a result, visitors’ retention.
Optimize code and content of the site in accordance with the latest tendencies of search algorithms.
Select optimal search queries, which will provide increase in sales.
Propel the site on the first pages of search engine systems, according to given key words, and float them.

Your site is a real instrument for sales that will leave behind a great deal of the competitors. Increase of the site visitors quantity by means of the search systems traffic intensity.
Increase of the visitors conversion into the customers.

The terms of site promotion to the TOP
The terms of site propel to the TOP 10 is 4-6 months. But the terms of site propel on some head queries can take a little bit more time and have to be discussed individually.


Sites search optimization

It is focused on the improvement of site visibility in the search systems by means of the site pages code and content optimization. The complex of measures for search optimization allows to reach good results in long-tail queries target users are looking for.


Integrated promotion

It differs from the ordinary site promotion scheme by the use of maximal quantity of key phrases and their variations. Much attention is paid to SEO-copywriting, internal pages optimization, constant links obtaining. It is suitable for the clients, wishing to get maximum efficiency of the site by using the search systems possibilities.


Contextual advertising

Advertising is the engine of commerce
Contextual advertising is a chargeable text notice, displayed in the results of search queries of Google that corresponds with the themes and content of your site page. Contextual advertising allows to start the notices displaying just an hour after your account adjustment. You get target visitors right after the start of advertising campaign.
Context advertising is a quick and effective way of target audience attraction to the site. The notices are displayed to interested persons, who have typed an according query in the search systems, so the chances that these visitors will become your clients are rather high.
The most popular service of contextual advertising is Google AdWords. The peculiarity of these services is that the payment is effected only for transfer, one can regulate the price of clients attraction and daily budget, display a notice only to a certain group of users, at a certain time, in a certain region and on certain sites.
We can perform an effective contextual advertising campaign: adjust your account, select right words, and make up a notice text so it’ll attract maximal quantity of target users to the site and minimize the price of one transfer.

SMO and SMM social networks promotion

Due to the daily growth of social network users number the promotion in social media is one of the most dynamically developing spheres of PR in the Internet.
SMO (Social Media Optomization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) are the complexes of measures for users attraction to the site from popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte.
It is widely known that today social networks include millions of people all over the world. There are certainly a lot of your clients among them!
The main aspect of social networks is the principle of online contact with target audience. Such advertising often has the effect of buzz marketing in both the Internet and a real life, it increases the recognizeability of a brand and the loyalty of audience. Using social networks it is possible to carry out researches or organize direct sales.
The main principle of SMO is to keep from user that deals with an advertisement, and maximally involve the potential audience to the communication process.
We’ll help to create and fill in the page of your company in popular social media, attract new users, perform marketing analysis, increase target traffic and sales.



SEO-copywriting is the creation of a peculiar text. At first sight it is an ordinary advertising or informational text, written by journalists. But it has some qualities positively affecting on your site rate in the search systems. Bluntly speaking, it has a certain number of key words that your potential clients are looking for in the search systems.