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Website development

Range of works for site creation
Types of sites
Corporate blogs

Successful projects are the projects that attain the stated objectives.

Sooner or later a need of business extension arises in every company. And one of the potential tools is the Internet. It is obvious that the creation of a qualitative site is required, because business conduction in the modern conditions is impossible without your own virtual representative office.

Trust not in words, but in the result.

Every day the web-site creation becomes more and more popular service, and a lot of companies facing the problem where to order the site creation and promotion. You’ll find a great variety of offers promising to design a site within a couple of days, and stating that this site will have stunning results. It is very difficult to choose a site designer you can fully trust. In the web-studio “zWEBra” we offer you the creation of an effective site that will work for prestige and image of your company, standing it out among the competitors. Our previous works on the web-sites creation and design (you can see them in the section Portfolio) prove better than any words why we worth your attention.
Many Ukrainian and Russian companies have already become certain that dealing with the web-studio “zWEBra” means the guarantee you’ll get the desired result!

While creating a site for you we’ll:

  • render consulting services and help to prepare the expression of requirements according to your needs;
  • think over a convenient site structure;
  • develop the graphic design of web-pages for the main informational sections;
  • write a convenient control panel for your employees so they could add and change the site materials by themselves;
  • place the site on the hosting-platform after its launching;
  • perform the initial site filling with the materials provided by your specialists, and fit these materials for Internet publication;
  • make recommendations on the site promotion in the Internet, and register it in the main search engine systems – Yahoo and Google;
  • help to organize a regular informational refreshment of the site sections in case you need it (take the site to the user maintenance).


Types of sites

Online business-card is a site consisting of just a few pages, its main task is familiarization of visitors with products and services of company, price lists and contact information of a company

Corporate site has a lot of pages with the information about company activity, and detailed goods and services catalogue. The main task of this site is to increase sales level and ensure informational cooperation between employees, partners and clients. 

E-commerceis meant for goods and services selling via the Internet. On the e-commerce a customer can look through a company’s products, choose a required good, convenient payment and delivery method and place an order.

Portal is a site with a lot of pages with either various or thematic, highly specialized content. As a rule portals fulfill an information-commercial function.

Terms of site creation

The terms of a site creation depend on customer’s specific requests; usually it takes from 5 to 30 days.
Before the order placement, please, have a look at the scheme of cooperation



Only high quality hosting

The choice of a reliable hosting is very important task, because this decision can significantly affect the quality of your site work, and also the amount of time and energy, spent on its maintenance and development. Moreover, each site requires individual selection of an effective hosting, taking into consideration all technical peculiarities of a site.
Each web-site should have its own name and address in the Internet. In addition to hosting placement, we also organize domains registration in various areas (com, net, info, org, etc.).


Corporate blogs 

Work for company image

Corporate blog is one of the instruments for reputation control and information transfer, it is also a very good method of communication with site users. By means of the blog it is possible to inform about special offers and news, tell about your advantages and achievements. You’ll be able to receive the users’ responses as comments to your notes. Corporate blog creation requires fine adjustment and stylish design. Besides, blog is not a static site. It must be refreshed and maintained regularly, filled with new messages. Otherwise corporate blog will become some kind of static addition to the site.
“zWEBra” specialists will perform the complete range of works, related to development, maintenance and promotion of a corporate blog, taking into account all client’s wishes. We’ll prepare a stylish blog design that corresponds to the corporate style, adjust the required functions. Professional copywriters will regularly write and place articles interesting to your target audience. 

SEO-effect from corporate blog

There are a lot of mid-and low-frequency queries, which can not be covered while the site promotion. Using these queries in the blog we can attract an additional target visitors from the search systems. Due to regular filling of the blog with new articles, it is possible to use new queries each time. Besides, with the right approach, link juice of the pages will contribute to your site promotion.