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Our team

Maksim Bezorudko. Project Director

Success of any project depends on the qualitative staff. And I can proudly say that “zWEBra’s” specialists are undoubtedly perfect team!

We don’t know the word “NO”, because we are ready to work with the projects of any complexity. This fact is always highly appreciated by our clients! We never mark time – we develop and improve our knowledge, keep abreast of the last tendencies in the spheres of site design, creation and promotion, put them into practice.

I am occupied with project development, planning, control, web-analytics, and Internet-marketing. My goal (as well as the goal of our web-studio) is qualitatively performed work that always has good results!





Natalia Kolos. Art director, web-designer

Common experience in the sphere of graphic and web-design is more than 3 years. My motto is: “Beauty will save the world!”

Doing my work I’m aiming at searching of the most convenient, easy and beautiful way of task salvation.











Labzov Sergei. Founder, Developer

I work on the creation of sites of any complexity that requires perfect knowledge and skills in different spheres.

I pay much attention to the “clarity of a code” and internal optimization of projects, thanks to which maximal efficiency is reached.

I like very much to work on projects and tasks, requiring creative approach, and also on the possibility of their further development.

We are not aiming at the creation of as many projects, as possible, because we pay main attention to the quality of performed work.



Igor Grishakin. Founder, Developer

Outrank is not an eventual result, it is just an instrument for our clients’ sites efficiency increase. I work not only on the achieving of desired rank, but also on the improving of sites.

Only by means of a team work, it is possible to solve the problems, arising during the site efficiency increasing.

For search optimization and site promotion I use only legal and effective technologies. I am constantly coping with search systems algorithms and, usually, I become the winner!