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How we work

 The convenient scheme of cooperation for site creation

1.    During our faсe-to-face meeting or remotely you fill out the Brief on web-site creation (we will help in case you have any difficulties).
2.    On the Brief on web-site creation basis we can calculate the price and performance time.
3.    Signing a contract.
4.    Advance payment - 50% of the contract value.
5.    During 4-5 days we provide you with the first version of the design, taking into consideration all your requests:
     a)    if this version is suitable for you – we’ll just bring it to perfection
     b)    if not – we’ll work out the second version, taking into account all defects of the first one.
6.    The client pays the remaining amount.
7.    We develop the CSS layout and site functional.

8.    We pass the source code or place the site at our own hosting, and perform its initial filling (on the basis of the provided materials).

Stages of our cooperation, concerning the site promotion

1.    Agreement of the key-words list, terms and budget of the search promotion.
Signing a contract.
3.    Payment for the first month of the site promotion.
4.    Modifications for the site optimization and its search visibility improvement works on its propelling to the TOP.
5.    Express-analysis and report on the site rating.

Stages of our cooperation concerning the site maintenance

1.    Co-ordination of the job list.
2.    Signing a contract.
3.    Prepayment for the month (except regular customers).
4.    Execution of site maintenance works, according to the agreed job list.
5.    Progress report.
      Cooperation concerning SMO, SMM, Audit, etc.

Cooperation concerning SMO, SMM, Audit, etc.

Is stipulated on an individual basis.



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